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Welcome to Stuyclopedia,
the free encyclopedia about Stuyvesant that anyone can edit.
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Early college decisions are being released!
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News and events

The Stuyclopedia has returned for its sole remaining useful purpose: updating the rest of Stuy with your college decision! See above.

Help and editing guides

See the Manual of style for anything you need to know about writing Stuyclopedia articles!

If you would like to create an article (after you've read or skimmed the manual of style, of course), please also visit the Signup List to sign up for the article you want.

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Featured article of the month

Organic Chemistry, sometimes referred to as orgo, is a single-period elective course available to any student who has completed Regents Chemistry or Honors Chemistry with an overall grade of 95 or higher. The course is divided into two terms, the second of which is optional. Organic Chemistry focuses on the structure and reactions of carbon compounds. This includes discussion of compound nomenclature, functional groups, reaction mechanisms and organic synthesis. (more...)

Ongoing work

Pretty much everything. Including this page.

(more to come)
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